What up guys! If you guys saw my post telling you guys what I’ve been up to there’s more! So I got into this other game called Destiny. For all those that don’t know what it is, it’s a First person shooter game. It’s really interesting, even better part about it is that it was made by the same creators as my other favorite game Halo. That’s right, it was made by Bungie. So I was so addicted into playing it I lose track of time easily and I just ended up not posting as much. If you don’t see a lot of posts lately, now you guys know what I’ve been up to. Work and games. Haha!

Anyways, aside from that that’s just another one of my nerdy addictions. Back to a little on the topic of music, the soundtrack on the game was pretty similar to Halo stuff. (At least it reminded me of it) and it really grabs my attention while playing the game. Especially when I wear a headset, Oh man the sounds and music of the game really get in into trying to get through the mission. See how music effects people? All different ways, it can inspire them, remind them of things, help them reminisce something of the past. Some people even use music as a time keeper, instead of looking at a watch. Here’s an example: You’re on a bus and you start listening to your favorite playlist. By the time you get off the bus you realize you only got to listen to 5 songs. If you noticed it’s only been 5 songs you might think, “Oh it only took 15 minutes to get here! That was quick” sort of thing. Some people do that, sometimes even I do.

Since we’re on all this talk about traveling and commuting and stuff, it reminds me. I have a friend that owns a limousine service. Isn’t that interesting?! I thought it was a cool idea that he started that, so if you guys ever need a limousine ride or know someone that needs or wants one. You can check out his site and his luxurious limousines at Naperville.

They got limousines for all occasions and they even have a party bus. Go check them out and let me know how well they treat you guys. I hear they treat their customers TOP NOTCH. It even says on their site they will spoil you rotten. Haha. Well that’s my quick update for today guys. I’ll see you guys when I see you. Peace.


My last post was last freaking July.  I’m sorry to say that my roller coaster of a life has taken me for a wild ride.  To be honest it’s really hard to remember everything that has happened since July.

Where do I start? Well, if I haven’t told you I was studying to become a nurse. That’s right!  I actually headed to the Philippines and studied out there for four years.  Wanna know the cool thing?  I skipped 2 grade levels because they did not have 7th and 8th grade out there when I went.  They do now by the way so I went to school out here in and was able to jump 2 grade levels before they added it there too.

I did not know a lick Tagalog which is the main dialect in the Philippines.   If you do not know where the Philippines is… It’s a small cluster of islands in Asia and it’s very close to Japan.  I want to say it’s about a 4 hour flight.  Can you say video game heaven?  Yes that’s right,  our dollar goes a long way and there are video game arcade in every corner.  Did I tell you that I’m very into video games?  Yes, it is one of my favorite past times.Continue reading

What’s up guys? So I was thinking, I’m wondering what kind of music you guys listen to. Leave some comments below about what you listen to and when you listen to them so I get an idea of what’s the new music around the world or whatever song is trending. I just started jogging again recently and I didn’t have that interesting of jogging music so, if you guys can suggest anything that’d be great. Haha. But any other music you guys listen to I’d be glad to hear about them. What kind of music you listen to, or what kind of music reminds you of a certain events, which reminds me I wanted to give a special shout out to my friends over at REM in Forrest Park IL. These guys are one these temporary agencies for light industrial in Chicago that provided the workers at our last event . I didn’t even know that was a thing ha ha. Anyways,  leave some comments if you want to discuss it with me or anyone else and I’ll be more than willing to share and exchange likes in interest in music. Another way if you don’t want to be public about your music tastes you guys can message me and I’ll get back to you and we could discuss the music interests one on one. That’s all I’ll be posting for now, just a little more interaction with anyone out there would be great to see what’s up in the world of music. Until next time guys. I’ll see you then.

Hey guys, It’s been a few days since I’ve made my last post. I’ve just been busy with work and stuff. So today I’ll just give you guys a little update about what I’ve been up to exactly and what I’ve been doing.

So I was at work and standing for 7+ hours can be a drag. But luckily for me, I can listen to music while i’m working. Which does make things easier for me, makes the time fly faster and work more enjoyable. If you guys were wondering, I wash dishes as a job. Probably wouldn’t have guessed huh? All this talk about music and instead of playing music or teaching, I just wash dishes. Well enough about that, the music I listen to during work that keep things interesting for me while I do my work is up beat music, like fast paced. Certain genres I listen to would be EDM, dubstep, rock, hip-hop. Anything with a good beat you can actually say. Sometimes I even listen to classical music which helps me relax when I need to or when I’m about to sleep.Continue reading

Hey guys! I read another article  that can give you guys a few tips on how to learn to play guitar like a pro! Sounds interesting right? Let’s get into it.

The guitar is a very popular instrument, the MOST popular instrument  in the world you could say. Millions of people love to play the guitar, whether you’re a beginner or professional. Learning guitar is actually pretty simple when you follow a few of these tips and tricks.

If you really want to play guitar, you need to find a way to stay motivated. If you’re playing guitar because you were forced into playing it you won’t get any better. To make things more interesting for you, make a goal that you can reach within a short period of time. When you get to that goal, you’ll feel good about yourself and you can give yourself a little reward. Another great way to improve is to practice with a friend, everything is more fun when you’re doing it with friends.Continue reading

Hey guys, welcome to my new website “My Guitar Effects“! I just want you guys to know I’ll be posting content generally about myself and music. So my name is Ruel and I’m just another music lover.

You can read more about me, here but the main reason why I’m making this site is because I really think music is amazing and how it really helps people mentally and sometimes even physically. I’ll be blogging mostly about what I learned lately about music, cool stories about music and sometimes I’ll even go off topic and talk about other things that I might enjoy.

So let’s get things started guys, lately I read a newsletter online that music can help people recover from an illness. Not only did I read it, but I know someone that has tried studies on the topic and there are significant in changing a person’s mood or how they feel. My friend did a study on music therapy and he has found other articles that he used to base on his own study that music really does help people that are sick. The changes aren’t as drastic as a complete heal with medicine or a surgery, but the small changes are what matter and it’s what makes music really amazing.

I was really interested when I heard my friend was going to do this study, so I would always follow up with him what were the results and what new things he found out. So now i’m really interested to share with you guys what music can do for you or even what other mysterious magic music can do for all of us.

Until next time guys. I’ll see you then.